Is This The End?

“Go where no one else will go. Do what no one else will do.” – Mary Lyon

This is day 332 of 365 livefoods. 33 days from today will be one year that I began this blog and my journey of eating raw foods. As has been noted throughout my blog posts, I have had scant success at eating raw foods. I just heard actor/rapper L.L. Cool J say that, “dreams don’t have a deadline.” On that note, I will keep the dream of eating raw foods.

This post is reflective. I spent time today reading past posts for my blog. This will be my 48th post. At the onset of  creating this blog I didn’t envision what this journey would entail. What I have learned is that I really enjoy writing. I also enjoy sharing my thoughts to whomever will read them.

So is this the end? I don’t think so. I’ll spend the next couple of weeks figuring out how I’ll transition this blog. What I know for sure is that it has been my pleasure sharing.

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Christians around the world are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus this Easter Sunday. Today I’d like to resurrect the original reason I began this blog: to eat raw foods for 365 days. Currently one of my sister friends is on a juice fast. Her commitment has brought back those original feelings I had that sparked my desire to eat raw foods.

Self reflection is powerful! I was asked for some tips to enhance a juice fast. The first thing that came to mind was the Boy Scouts’ motto: Be Prepared! To be successful with any endeavor, most especially a change in eating habits, you must be prepared. Eating is such a visceral experience that any changes to your routine can cause all sorts of havoc if you’re not prepared for it. As I reflect on my attempt at eating raw foods, through reading my first blog posts, there was one glaring fact. I was NOT prepared for the shift to eating raw foods. I ask myself why I was not prepared and how I did not realize it.

I underestimated what it meant to be prepared. I bought food equipment, gathered recipes, attended classes and potlucks all in an effort to create a community and have the tools to be able prepare a variety of raw foods. Where I fell short was in my household. Having personal space is required to eat a raw foods lifestyle. What I found is that my household was/is out of order. Currently my household has been in transition for nearly a year now. I underestimated how not having my personal space conducive to eating raw foods has been a major impediment. It stopped me from being adequately prepared for the shift.

As my fifth grade teacher used to always say: knowing is half the battle. Today I acknowledge what has made me unprepared for eating raw foods. So, the first order of business is getting my personal space in order to eat raw foods. I don’t put any time limit on it, just as long as I am actively working towards the goal of getting my personal space in order. Though this finding throws my whole timeline out of whack, my overall goal is to eat raw foods not adhere to a time table.

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P.S. Since most of my blog posts are food-related I thought I’d be remiss if I didn’t take a few lines to recognize that today is Cesar Chavez’s birthday. Chavez was a farm labor organizer and “led the first successful farm-workers union in the U.S. He won industry-wide labor contracts in American agriculture,” according to James Harrington in the Houston Chronicle.  Check out for more information about Cesar Chavez’s life.

Benefits of Water

I know there are tomes written about water and its significance and benefits. I know I don’t have anything new to add to the subject, but I’d like to take a few lines to emphasize the importance of prioritizing water daily. It’s important that we each plan our day to include water. It may sound trivial, but it is essential to quantify how much water we’re in-taking daily. Water’s health benefits can’t be overstated. Here’s a list of reasons/ benefits of drinking a sizeable amount of water daily.

1) Our body is made up of about 60% water and needs to be replenished daily.

2) Drinking 8 to 10 8-ounce glasses of water daily helps replenish water loss.

3) It’s reported that people who drink sufficient amounts of water daily helps regulate their metabolism.

4)  Drinking enough water also helps with overeating, often our body is thirsty when we think its hungry.

5) Water keeps skin, hair and nails looking supple and hydrated.

If you want more reasons to prioritize daily water intake please reference the article “6 Reasons to Drink Water” on WebMD:

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P.S. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I value any holiday that is symbolized by my favorite color, green. 🙂

Blue Gold: Water!

Water! I can’t believe in the eight months I’ve been blogging about the significance of eating raw foods I have failed to mention water. Water is a liquid made with two hydrogens and one oxygen molecule. It has been said that three days without water and you’re dead. Even with that knowledge water is constantly taken for granted.  Newspapers are replete with abuses that man exacts upon water. News such as fertilizers draining into waterways like the Mississippi River and streaming all the way to the Gulf of Mexico and causing dead zones (no oxygen in the water so the water creatures die). There is plastic garbage in the Pacific Ocean that spans a 1000 mile radius choking the life out of fish. Autopsies on the fish show their stomaches filled with plastic. Water wars in communities especially with the drought that has plagued the U.S. for the past couple of years. Water rights contested private ownership vs. public ownership. There are now countless movies about water. Even here in Texas the state legislature is debating whether to pass bills that will build infrastructure to accommodate the expected population growth by 2050.

Maybe the way we treat water is a commentary on how we as humanity think of ourselves. If the very elements that keep us alive are the elements that we abuse the most (you can substitute water for air with the same dismal findings) what is that saying about us!

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P.S. It has been said that one should drink in ounces half one’s body weight.

P.P.S. Not to leave on such a down note about water, here’s a TEDTalk on the ancient ingenuity of water harvesting by Anupam Mishra:   

Top 10 Reasons to Eat Raw

After a marathon conversation with my life coach, we decided that eating raw foods is as much a spiritual experience as a physical one. So, I decided to list my own Top 10 reasons for eating raw foods.

The first 30 days of eating raw foods your body goes through a detox that may feel uncomfortable both physically and emotionally. In my experience, once you’re past that you begin to experience the beauty of eating raw foods. Such as…

1.  Waking up with a sense of euphoria

2. Heightened senses

3. Understanding the rhythm of your body

4. Healing physical ailments

5. Clarity of mind & purpose

6. Trying fruits and vegetables in different forms, i.e. juicing, sprouts

7. Expanding your food palette

8. Persimmons (they look like orange tomatoes to me)

9. Shopping at farmer’s markets and co-ops for local foods

10. Accomplishing a goal I’ve had for a very, very long time 🙂

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It’s December

It’s December!

The end of 2012 is 30 days away. Most Decembers I take the time to reflect. I, like most people, create vision boards and resolutions at the beginning of each year. Today I find myself reflecting on my progress with eating raw foods. The purpose of this blog was to serve as an accountability tool. Thinking positively, I have eaten raw foods 30 days more in 2012 than in 2011. For that I am grateful. While reflecting, I was assessing why I even started this journey. My gravatar for this blog states, “Purify to unleash your heart’s desires!” So there you have it, that’s why I began this journey. Eating raw foods is less about the physical aspects of food, and more about the spiritual aspects to actualize your heart’s desires. So on that note, happy planning for 2013.

Until next Sunday,


P.S. Here’s a link to a video about the SNAP challenge I talked about last Sunday: