Exactly One Year Later…

This is my 52nd blog post. It’s been exactly one year since I began 365livefoods on July 1, 2012. The first post was entitled “A Journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step!”:

Who knows how I’ll feel June 30, 2013, 365 days from now. I commit to taking this journey one day at a time, and focus on staying in the moment! The purpose of this blog is to serve as a form of accountability to help me stay committed. What better way to start this! Maybe I can get a few people to join me on this journey.

These are words written in my first post. I didn’t know then how I would feel at this moment! My mission evolved over the course of this year. I was not successful at eating raw foods, but I did learn a few things. Surveying throughout the year’s posts I’ve written about everything from issues on water to following your bliss to GenXers.

I really like writing and sharing these posts. I’m proud of my consistency in posting. I wasn’t beholden to any contracts that would force me to post, yet I wrote anyway. I allowed the blog to evolve and hopefully wrote on topics that were interesting to others aside from myself.

So what comes next?

If you’ve read this blog with any regularly you would have read about my goal to successfully open a natural food store in Houston, Texas. I will transition this blog to my endeavors with Organic Soul Foods. My goal over the course of this week is to remake this blog page. Thanks to all who joined me on this journey of self discovery.

until next week,