Souper Bowl Sunday

Keeping with the Super Bowl rage that overcomes the country each first Sunday of February, I thought I’d highlight a program that the NFL sponsors: the Souper Bowl of Caring. Its vision is to: “Transform the time around the Super Bowl into the nation’s largest celebration of giving and serving.” according to the Souper Bowl of Caring website. In 2007 it launched a food drive raising $1.8 million. 15% of American households suffer from food insecurity. Food insecurity is when households have limited and uncertain access to food. Over 35% of Americans are obese. Recently there is a correlation between persons suffering from food insecurity and obesity. Check out this link :

Malnutrition and obesity are two sides of the same coin. The former when one does not get enough to eat and therefore does not get enough nutrients, and the later when one seemingly over eats, but also does not get enough nutrients. This blog is only to serve as food for thought.

Sorry for the brevity, but I am one of those crazy Americans that becomes overcome with all things Super Bowl. 🙂

Until next Sunday,



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