Eat your veggies!

Technically it’s still the New Year since we’re still in the month of January, so it’s still befitting to discuss ways to live healthier. My initial purpose in eating raw foods was to transition back into the healthier lifestyle I established in 2009 through 2011. I had finally found a rhythm on how to live a whole, healthy lifestyle. I was eating whole balanced meals and exercising regularly. I’ve been a vegetarian close to 20 years now, and it was not until 2009 that I started focusing more on eating vegetables than on not eating meat. It’s a slightly different perspective. Eating more vegetables focuses more on what I can have to eat, the later focuses on what I can’t. As I was better nourishing my body, I simultaneously had a spiritual and mental regimen. A healthy lifestyle is not simply about eating healthy foods and exercise. It’s about the mind- body- spirit continuum. Feeding our bodies healthy food, nourishes the mind and spirit as well. Some tips I’ve found to be helpful with the mind- body- spirit balance are:

1)      Start each morning in prayer and devotion.

2)      Commit to cook/ prepare your meals at home at least one day out of the week.

3)      Try a recipe with a vegetable you’ve never tried before.

4)      Try a Bikram yoga class (prepare to sweat).

5)      Exercise regularly.

6)      When possible, shop at the farmer’s market  (support the local food economy).

7)      Drink plenty, plenty water.

8)      Get as much sleep as your schedule allows (7 to 8 hours is ideal).

9)      Love more!

Each of us has our own ideal way of living a healthy lifestyle. What I know for sure is that there is no one way to attain a healthy lifestyle. It’s just what’s ideal for you.

Until next Sunday,



4 responses

  1. Well said friend. I have incorporated many of these in my life. I’m still working on drinking water more and I will love to incorporate new veggies in recipes. I’ll put those on my list.

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