Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good! –Arne Duncan (U.S. Secretary of Education)

The beginning of the year is like mornings to me. It is a sacred time, a time to reflect on goals made and accomplished. Each year I create a vision board of aspirations. As most people, I suppose, I’m successful at some goals and not so much so at others. In years’ past I have discovered that some goals take more than a year to accomplish. They become a continuation for the following year. 2013 is such a year. I had a mini metamorphosis in June 2012, and revamped my goals entirely; therefore, my mid-2012 goals have become my 2013 goals. One of my goals is to eat 100% raw foods for 365 days. That’s why I created this blog. Week after week I’ve chronicled my progress or lack thereof eating raw foods. Of the 186 days on my 365livefoods journey I have eaten 30 days 100% raw foods. Smaller successes have been eating 25% or 50% raw foods on some days. People who have character traits of “all or nothing” (such as myself) feel unsuccessful when they don’t accomplish their goals perfectly, and tend not to count smaller successes as success. This “all or nothing” character trait has had deleterious results on being successful at eating raw foods and on my waistline.

So, I find myself at a crossroads: do I continue on this journey, redefine it or abandon it?

The Race is NOT given to the Swift, but to those who Endure to the EndTortoise and the Hare

Years of creating vision boards and settings goals have taught me that accomplishing goals takes time. Also, there is a hierarchy of goals from the simplistic to ones that require steps i.e. becoming a medical doctor. I have to constantly remind myself of that. Often the timetables we set for ourselves aren’t adequate. Goals are accomplished with time and through habits and routines. It’s the unglamorous part of goal setting, and in my case the overlooked part. Habits and routines are especially essential when your goal is something you haven’t been successful at accomplishing in your life before. I have decided not to abandon my raw foods goal, just to redefine it. I will take it in steps. I was trying to do one meal at a time, but I will modify it to eating something raw each day. I have faith that in 2013 I will eat 100% raw foods in due time. Hopefully, this post will be motivation to stay the course when the results are bleak.

Until next Sunday,



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  1. I love that Tortoise and the Hare story. The lesson I’ve learned from it, which is related to it’s essential message, is that sometimes when things come “easy or natural” to us we tend to take it for granted and forget how important hard work is to our success. And of course when we come across a more difficult task we sometimes fold under pressure or forget the importance of the process.

    I too will be continuing my journey in 2013 and will definitely look forward to the new exciting possibilities.

  2. Thanks for this reminder. Yes, it is important to acknowledge the small successes along the way. I too must resist that “all or nothing” character. I call her Norma or the Ideal Woman. 🙂 Times when I have set definite goals for myself and they were not accomplished “on schedule”, Norma sure has a lot to say about it!

    Your blog is very timely, because I am actually going through a process like this right now. I set a goal. It wasn’t met on time. So now what? Keep at it with a new set of eyes and wisdom and action? Redefine the plan? Quit?

    My goal is to make the decision from a higher vibration….one not based on circumstances, doubt or fear. I am asking myself the following questions, “What is the most light-providing and life giving choice that I can make today? Which decision gives me peace?

    I will keep you posted about what I decide.
    Thanks for the encouragement and the quote. Love that!

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