Gratitude – n. being thankful; appreciation.  Synonyms: acknowledgement, recognition, thanksgiving

July 1st  to October 1st have been my transition period to raw foods. As my “Relationships” post detailed, this journey has been more about my emotional attachment to foods than anything else. So, this post I want to do nothing but show my gratitude to this process. I am grateful…

  1. to be able to eat raw foods seamlessly.
  2. for my reward stickers I put on the calendar  for each day I eat raw foods.
  3. for organized meals that can be eaten on the go.
  4. for fruits (bananas) that are very convenient .
  5. that my appetite/ cravings are for raw foods.
  6. for Green Seed Vegan’s “rocking tacos” and Almond Joi Smoothies.
  7. for 1 week of 100% raw foods.
  8. I woke up invigorated; Houston Texans record is 5-0.
  9. I went to the gym.
  10. I’m 5 lbs lighter
  11. that Whole Foods has marinated raw veggies that are very delicious
  12. to be able to pass up cupcakes for my co-worker’s birthday.
  13. that I made a great smoothie; met neighbors canvassing for the Election.
  14. for 365livefoods blog and a “fruit day”.

Until next Sunday,



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