Back to the Grind!

This week I’m back to school with the kiddos. I’m teaching 7th grade this year, so pray that I’m able to help my students learn to take ownership of their learning. Hence the name of this post, “Back to the Grind”!

Thanks for the comments to my post last Sunday! It was my first effort to make this post more interactive, by posing a question to you, the readers. The goal is to start a virtual conversation on how to live healthier lifestyles with giving each other tips, recipes, encouragement etc. Encouragement is something I need a lot of right now, beause I am STILL having difficulty committing to the 80/10/10 lifestyle. If I hadn’t made this public declaration that I would commit to 80/10/10, I would have abandonned it weeks ago!

I went to church this morning, and Pastor Cosby stated that God gives struggle and success simultaneously to prepare you for future success. I will take that sermon today to help me keep believing in my ability to be successful at 80/10/10 though the evidence shows otherwise.

So, the question this week is what words of encouragement or advice would you give someone struggling to accomplish something they find difficult to do?

Thanks for continued support!

Until next Sunday,



Community Conversation

Today I’m short on words, truthfully I’m only writing because I made a commitment while doing 365livefoods to post every week until June 2013. The goal this week is to eat two raw meals/day. I’ll report next Sunday on how that is going.

I’d like to do something new and start a community conversation about supporting each other in our healthy lifestyle choices. My past posts have been one-sided, so today I want to start to make this blog interactive to serve as a virtual conversation.

So, the question for this week is: What are your healthy lifestyle choices and how can they be expanded within our community to help us become healthier?

Please leave a comment so we can get this conversation started.


Day 42

Day 42! There are 323 days left in my 365 livefoods journey. As I expected, this journey has taken me into the unknown. Though I’ve known this about food, there is a direct link to how I feel physically, mentally and emotionally. I know when I’m eating well because I require less sleep and have more peace of mind. Food has an energy and vibrancy all to itself.

This week I have followed my one raw meal /day, and will continue again throughout this week. The week of August 19th I’ll start the two raw meals /day. Though, I’m glad I’m successful with the one raw meal/day,  I’m disappointed that I’m having such a challenge letting the cooked foods go. I struggle to have patience with myself. My goal is to respect the process, and be patient with where I am. I think I’m surprised with how attached I am. When I visualized my 365 livefoods journey, I saw me breezing through. In my visions on Day 42, I’d be experiencing that indescribable feeling that comes with eating raw foods. Well, with 323 days left I know that feeling with come soon enough!

With the closing of the Olympics I will take heed to what many Olympians have stated: coaching is the key! I’ve heard countless Olympians state that to get to the Olympic level they had to be coached by  Olympic -caliber coaches. So I figure I need to do the same. To get me to my “Olympic” level I have enlisted two coaches: one for raw food eating and the other to help me actualize my personal goals.

So, I will end with that: to get to a higher level one must enlist coaches that can get you there!

Until next Sunday,


Doing the Difficult!

To know me is to know I do the darndest things! I’m posting late today because I was taking a Statistics final. Yes, you’re reading correctly. Instead of taking the summer off like most teachers, I get a hankering to take a Finite Math and Statistics class. I will admit some of my choices are inexplicable even to myself. I believe “doing the difficult” is hardwired in my genetic code.  Go figure!

This may be why I have chosen 365 live foods. The beauty in doing difficult things is the reward when you accomplish it. I am happy to report that I was very successful at my one raw meal a day this week. Yippee!!! I will continue one raw meal a day this following week and transition into two raw meals the week of August 19th. My two raw meals a day plan is to eat raw breakfast and dinner meals.

Speaking of doing the difficult: how about those Olympics. If you know me even a little bit, you know I love all things athletic. Invariably, I’m in hog heaven, especially since following the Olympics is the start of the NFL season (Go Texans!). This may be off topic, but spiritually I have to speak on our Olympian and gold medalist gymnast Gabby Douglas. It was with unspeakable joy that I watched Gabby not only help Team USA win the gold medal; but, her winning gold in the all-around competition was (in my opinion of course) up there with the Obama presidency win. It’s huge!!! It’s beautiful for someone so young to work hard and sacrifice to attain her goals. She is the embodiment of what our ancestors’ purpose was for going through days of hell and terror. It was to make possible the day when young people can be what they choose to be as long as they are willing to work and sacrifice for it.

Two thumbs up for all the Olympians, and all those who choose to do the difficult!

Until Next Sunday,